How Kraft Heinz Gets Instant Insights on Field Sales Execution Nationwide

Nearly 100 sales reps represent Kraft Heinz in stores across Canada. Here's how Repsly's Advanced Reporting empowers them to share execution insights from the field in real time.

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Merchandising Report

Streamline Data Collection For Your Field Team

Get real-time retail intelligence from your team in the field without complicating their workflow.
Team Scheduling

Deploy your team to take action on a filtered set of accounts and track execution on scheduled visits.

Custom Forms

Create targeted forms for your team to streamline action items, data collection, and reporting from the field.


Capture, tag, and share photos from the field for immediate visibility into your accounts.

Sales Orders

Generate and send orders from the field and track rep performance against sales goals.

Visually track brand objectives
Drill down to track rep performance.
Get rep and territory scorecards

Visually Track Brand Objectives in Real Time

Give every stakeholder visibility into your team’s achievements in the field with at-a-glance summaries of the retail execution metrics that matter.
Execution Tracking

Track execution of key store-level initiatives (shelf resets, planogram compliance, secondary placements, etc.) on visual dashboards.

Program Performance

Measure performance of merchandising and sales programs over time (product launches, in-store demos, trade promotions, etc.).

Drill-Down Reporting

Uncover strengths and gaps by territory, store, and representative with detailed drill-down reports.

Streamlined Sharing

From executives to area managers, give everyone access to the data they need to work smarter.

Measure your team's impact on sales
Track merchandising programs by sales lift

Measure Your Team's Impact on Sales

Measure the value of every store visit, void fix, or display, and focus on the campaigns and stores that drive sales the most.
Point-of-Sale Data

Connect your in-store actions to POS data from your retailers, distributors, and syndicated data providers such as SPINS, IRI, VIP, or others.

Sales Uplift Analysis

See the impact each sales activity, promotion, team member, and execution goal has on growth.

Repsly gives us a pulse on all of our field activities. It allows us to understand our in-store conditions today and gives us the tools to take corrective action tomorrow.

Magnus Rashid


Kraft Heinz - Magnus

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