How Kraft Heinz Gets Instant Insights on Field Sales Execution Nationwide

Nearly 100 sales reps represent Kraft Heinz in stores across Canada. Here's how Repsly empowers them to share execution insights from the field in real time.


National Account Sales Grew by 25 Percent in 2 Weeks

Kraft Heinz Canada has nearly 100 reps spread across the country managing the sales priorities of the five main categories of Kraft products, so ensuring visibility and consistency across the team is pivotal to the success of the brand. 

Prior to Repsly, Kraft Heinz wasn't equipped with the tools to get real-time insights as to what was going on with their field sales execution. Kraft Heinz was relying on out-dated processes like email communication or word-of-mouth, so getting visibility into execution at the store level could take an average of 12 weeks as teams struggled to compile incomplete data from multiple sources into useful reports.

With brands spending on average between 11-27 percent of their budgets on trade promotions, and half of all promotions still fail to have an impact on sales, lacking the tech your brand needs to optimize promotions in-flight could mean wasting a good portion of your budget.

After using Repsly for just one week, Kraft Heinz generated enough sales lift to offset the cost of using the product for the entire year. And within two weeks, Kraft Heinz grew national account sales by 25 percent.

All in all, Kraft Heinz saw promotional execution success rise from 50 percent to nearly 90 percent.

Testimonial - Kraft Heinz Testimonial - Kraft Heinz

"Repsly gives us a pulse on all of our field activities. It allows us to understand our in-store conditions today and gives us the tools to take corrective action tomorrow."

Magnus Rashid Manager, Retail/Sales Systems & CRM, Kraft Heinz

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