How Gotham Brand Managers Brings Real-Time Retail Data to Their Clients With Repsly

See how Gotham Brand Managers uses Repsly's Advanced Reporting to deliver a higher level of service to their clients while maximizing efficiency with their merchandising team.

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Share wins with brand partners with custom dashboards.

Deliver a New Level of Service With Advanced Reporting

Transform your business and create a new level of service for your customers, highlighting everything your team does to create value and grow their brands.
Share Wins With Brand Partners

Give partners access to dashboards for on-demand reporting of their performance.

Real-Time Updates

Share high-level metrics on store visits, displays executed, total coverage, and more.

Merchandising Report

Achieve Flawless Execution in the Field With Repsly

Everything your team needs to achieve flawless execution in the field.
Streamlined Data Collection

Get real-time retail intelligence from your team in the field via forms, photos, audits, and more.

Smarter In-Store Execution

Detailed account histories, scheduling, routing, order taking and more make every rep more effective in the field.

Proactive Territory Management

Deploy your team to take the best actions in the field, and track execution from anywhere.

Automated Reporting

Uncover trends, opportunities, and wins from the field in minutes — not hours — with instant visual reports.

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