Case Studies

Customer Spotlight: Kraft Heinz

Magnus Rashid

Manager, Retail Sales Systems

“Repsly gives us a direct line of sight to today’s in-store conditions. We can drill down into what’s happening in one store, or zoom out to see what’s happening nationwide in just a few clicks.”

See how UNREAL grew sales 23% during their most important promotion of the year

Jeremy Leblanc

Sales Manager

Repsly's real-time data is a game-changer. When we have an idea we try it out. The very next day, if it worked we double down. And if it didn't, we can try something else.

Gotham Brand Managers brings real-time retail data to their clients with Advanced Reporting

Trent Moffat


With Repsly's Advanced Reporting we can show our clients the placements we've won and what's going on in the market, all in real time.

See how Milk Makeup's merchandising team cut reporting while uncovering insights from Sephora

István Hrichak

Director of Field Sales

With Repsly, my merchandising team has been able to streamline virtually everything, cut back on emails, and easily report on it all.

LA Libations doubled the account visits while cutting mileage in half

Robert Macias


Repsly has improved productivity, visibility, and helped with engagement with my team. We’ve doubled productivity and cut our mileage in half!

Heretic doubles its sales efficiency by simplifying the sales process

Joe Fulcher

Director of Sales

Repsly eliminates paperwork for my reps, so they can spend more time visiting accounts every day.... With Repsly, we sell a lot more beer in a lot less time!

Altra makes sure their running shoes are properly merchandised with Repsly

Ben Bartley

National Field Service Team Manager

Identifying out-of-stocks empowered the team to report an additional 37% of empty shelves, which helped the team better estimate sell-through rates.

Purity.Organic gets into more stores by having accessible client history

Dave Minnick


Repsly is really easy... It’s more like what my reps are used to using, just like when they use Instagram.

How Smart Lunches Cut Costs by 30% While Growing Their Team

Matt Ellis

Manager of Delivery Operations

We went from a hugely manual system to using Repsly’s fully automated functionality. It’s truly night and day.

Keune expands its haircare line with the ability to place orders at an instant

With real-time communication at their disposal, Keune is able to ship orders from the warehouse the same day they are placed at a store.

Guru eliminates OOS by implementing a simple ordering system

Guru’s reps use Repsly to stay in touch with management, report issues in real-time, and place replenishment orders on-the-go.

Kutjevo gets into more stores by connecting with more account managers

Order dispatch functionality significantly speeds up Kutjevo's overall delivery process.

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