Driving Business Growth Through Retail Intelligence Webinar - LP featured

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Driving Business Growth through Retail Intelligence

Join us for an inside look at how Basemakers is leveraging clean field data from their retail execution platform to drive critical business decisions. Learn how the Basemakers team is deepening their client relationships with Repsly’s reporting tools and continually looking for new ways to get the most out of their field data.

In this webinar, Faithe Rayns, Chief Operating Officer at Basemakers, and Aanshika Khandelwal, Repsly's Senior Team Lead of Data Analytics will expand on how Basemakers completed a data reset and the field sales team is now optimizing every aspect of Repsly’s insights dashboard to drive their business intelligence and reporting, including:

  • How they are leveraging different dashboards
  • Milage tracking through Google Maps integration
  • Using Repsly for insight into revenue earned and ROI
  • Future plans: including developing wins tracker dashboards

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