Retail Challenges in 2022 Webinar - LP

On-Demand Webinar: Available Thursday, March 31st.

Retail Challenges in 2022 - How Service Organizations are Adapting

Join us on March 31st for a panel featuring three transformative leaders in the retail services industry discussing their biggest challenges AND opportunities in 2022, and how they’ll navigate success to support their customer brands, and stay ahead in this market. The panel will include leaders from SPAR, Green House Agency, and Basemakers Retail Merchandising talking through new ideas, new strategies, and areas of growth to drive their teams, and their business forward. 

You’ll  hear from Niana Reid, General Manager at SPAR Canada, Mark Federman, Director of Emerging Programs at Green House Agency, and Max Baumann, President & CEO at Basemakers, on a number of topics including:

  • What are the biggest challenges they’re solving for their business, and their clients today.
  • How they are evolving their business, their services, and their relationship with their customers with the ongoing supply chain and inflation challenges.
  • How they have had to evolve client management in a post-pandemic world.
  • How they are actively managing through hiring and staffing shortages.  
  • What they see as their biggest growth opportunities in 2022. 

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