FMCG Execution Excellence Webinar

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FMCG Retail Execution Excellence - Best-in-Class Strategies to Attacking Summer Promotions Season with Confidence

With the summer months here, brands are once again in ramp-up mode for the most critical time of the year to stand out on the shelf.  With most FMCG’s sales soaring over the summer months, this year may surpass last year’s sales volumes with COVID restrictions nearly entirely in the rearview. In this interactive, panel discussion, you'll hear from retail and operational leaders from Spindrift, Kraft Heinz, and Nutrabolt on the strategies they’re using to convert increased foot traffic, execute promotions from day 1, and win at the shelf during the busiest time of the year.

The leaders will cover, in a wide-swath, non-confidential way, their key strategies during this pivotal season with planning, new tests, and perhaps most importantly, a plan of attack to achieve execution excellence.

The panel includes:

  • Hagen Panton, VP of Global Sales Capability at Nutrabolt
  • Pete Paris, VP of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Spindrift Beverage Co, Inc.
  • Earin Friedbauer, Director of US Retail at The Kraft Heinz Company

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