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Your Go-To Guide for Roofing Forms

Roofing businesses depend on their team to gather crucial market information for them. From roof inspection reports to roofing estimate forms, the wealth of information assists organizations in making more insightful, data-driven judgments. Forms and reports also ensure that safety guidelines are being carefully followed on site.

In this guide, we will go through some of the most common forms used by roofing businesses - roof inspection report, roofing estimate form, pre construction checklist, roof contract form, and job completion and roofing certification form. We will walk managers and business owners through the essentials of each form and the actionable insights that can be gained from each of them.


Part 1: Roof Inspection Report

Part 2: Roofing Estimate Form & Bid Proposal Form

Part 3: Pre Construction Checklist

Part 4: Roof Contract Form

Part 5: Job Completion & Roof Certification Form

Part 6: Free Sample - Roofing Forms

Roof Inspection Report

Inspection reports, whether they are completed before, after, or during the service, allows businesses to document information regarding their services, products, and conditions of the on-site premises.

Inspection reports also give businesses with supplemental channels to communicate with customers. In the roofing industry, delivering excellent customer service is the key to sustainability. By emailing your customers frequent progress reports and updates on services, you will be able to provide your customers with more transparency into your team's progress.

For a successful roofing inspection report, here are some examples of essential information that should be collected in the field:

  • Number of Stories
  • Age of Roof
  • Material of Roof
  • Type of Decking
  • Type of Edge Metal
  • Pitch
  • Drip Edge
  • Type of Ventilation
  • Number of ACs
  • Type of ACs
  • Number of Pipe Jacks
  • Satellites
  • Type of Drainage
  • Condition of Drainage
  • Signs of Storm Damage
  • Signs of Internal Water Damage
  • Signs of Fascia Damage
  • Other Non Roof Related Damage
  • Other Concerns & Comments
  • Photos
  • Signature



(Taken from Repsly Roofing Software)


Roofing Estimate Form & Bid Proposal Form

Often times, roofing companies make the mistake of combining the Roofing Estimate Form with the Contract Form. This is usually for convenience - two forms in one.

Instead, try creating a separate Roofing Estimate Form. Using a separate Roofing Estimate Form is important to the 'selling' aspect of your service. While you're providing an estimate for your customer, you want to provide them with a professional presentation of your compelling value proposition. Including the contract and legal terms in the form detracts from the your statement.


  • Description of Your Selling Point (why they should choose you)
  • Description of Scope of Work
  • Photos (If necessary)
  • Estimated Start & End Date
  • Materials Needed
  • Warranty Information
  • Amount of Estimate
  • Signature


(Taken from Repsly Roofing Software)

Pre Construction Checklist

Any construction project, requires great amounts of planning and preparation to ensure smooth execution. The stakes are high. Therefore, as a business, you need to ensure a thorough assessment before any job begins.

Your production manager should be addressing each of the points in your checklist prior to any construction.

  • Estimated Start Date
  • Estimated End Date
  • Job Description
  • Type of Roof Being Removed
  • Number of Layers of Roof Being Removed
  • Type of Roof Being Installed
  • Custom Flashing required?
  • Linear footage of Custom Flashing
  • Drawing of Flashing
  • Pre Construction Photo of Landscaping
  • Materials needed to Protect Landscaping
  • Pre Construction Photo of Surrounding Concrete
  • Penetration Amounts and Sizes Needed for Order
  • Verify AC and Gas lines
  • Verify Distance between Sheetrocked Ceiling and Decking
  • Type of Decking
  • Thickness of Decking
  • Type of Insulation Beneath Decking
  • Are all ACs in working order?
  • Is there electrical access outside available for use?
  • Is there water access outside available for use?
  • Building Permit Requirements
  • Parking Requirements
  • Security Requirements
  • Waste Management Requirements
  • Heavy Equipment Requirements
  • Safety Specifications Requirements
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Potential Drainage Issues
  • Previous Leak Areas Inside Property
  • Other Concerns & Comments


Pre_Construction_Checklist.png(Taken from mobile form builder in Repsly Roofing Software)


The pre construction checklist ultimately helps you properly address avoidable problems. It is another line of defense to protect your business from potential liability issues. A successful list will include risk and safety assessments, list of needed resources, and a thorough visual documentation of the jobsite before the construction.

In addition to avoiding safety breaches, the checklist ensures that you provide your customers with a smooth and successful home improvement experience. By outlining and communicating your needs with your customers beforehand, they will be happy to know what is expected on their part to ensure fast and quality service.

Roof Contract Form - Insurance Contingency

An Insurance Contingency form is one of the most important contract forms you should require for any service. It outlines the agreement between the insured and roofing company about expectations on insurance coverage. And it states that you will complete the job for what the insurance company allows.

Why is this form so crucial? If you do not have an agreement with your customers in place, you can be doing the legwork to get their insurance claim approved only to lose them to a lower costing contractor. With an insurance contingency form, your customers will be more obligated to pay you for the work you have started.

With that said, this form should be followed up with a legal contract containing all state and federal requirements. 

  • I understand this contract is contingent on my Insurance company paying for property damage related to a claim filed for this property.

  • I understand this contract will be void if my Insurance Company disallows the claim and Mat’s Roofers chooses at that point to not move forward with the claim process.

  • I understand this contract is hiring Mat’s Roofers as my General Contractor responsible for all work lined out in the insurance scope of loss.

  • I understand that cost of this contract will be equal to the replacement cost value lined out in the insurance scope of loss which include my financial obligation to pay my deductible.

  • I authorize Mat’s Roofers to speak directly to my Insurance Company for any supplementation or processing of this claim.

  • I authorize Mat’s Roofers to speak directly to my Mortgage Company if insurance proceed checks are 3rd party and have my Mortgage Company name on them.

  • I understand that Mat’s Roofers or any of its representatives are NOT public adjuster nor acting as one for this or any property.

  • I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions of this contract.

  • Signature 


(Taken from moble form builder in Repsly Roofing Software)

Job Completion & Roof Certification Form

Congratulations! You've successfully completed a project. The final form you need to complete is the Job Completion and Roof Certification Form. 

Providing your customer with a final exit survey ensures that your customers are aware and satisfied about the services that were provided. This form can also serve as a checklist for your team members to complete prior to leaving the site. 


  • Describe Conditions Needing to Be Addressed From Home Inspection
  • What measures were taken to repair or replace areas on roof compromised?
  • Left Over Materials
  • Cost of Work
  • Limited Certification Period For Roof As Repaired
  • Photos
  • Customer Satisfaction with the clean up
  • Advertise Referral Program
  • Signature


(Taken from Repsly Roofing Software)

Free Sample Roofing Forms

PDF Exports Taken from Repsly Roofing Software


Roof Inspection Report - Free Sample



Roofing Estimate Form - Free Sample



Pre Construction Checklist - Free Sample



Roof Contract Form - Free Sample



Job Completion & Roof Certification Form - Free Sample


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