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See Your Products on the Shelf to Ensure Retail Compliance

Repsly allows managers to view and keep track of products on the shelf. Managers can add as many audit forms as needed, and they will be automatically added into your representative's mobile app. Once a form has been submitted in the app, managers can view it on a map and find reporting based on the information.

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Conduct Retail Audits in Stores Using the Mobile App

Representatives can easily use the Repsly mobile app to conduct retail audits in stores. The app is super easy to use and requires zero training. Simply download the app, find the audit form, and go!


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Customize Your Retail Audits

In addition to built in fields, you can tailor your retail audits to your business needs using the Repsly form builder. Choose between short text, long text, numeric values, yes or no questions, and drop down selections to gather all relevant information. You can also chooose to tag and assign audits to reps. 

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Collect Relevant Information

Allow your representatives to collect data based on the custom fields you set in the back office. After they submit the audit, this information will automatically sync to your app in the back office. 

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