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Repsly Startup Guide

Now that you’ve signed up for a trial of Repsly, we want to make sure you have everything you need to set up your account and get started using the system. Below is a list of steps to take to enter all the initial data you need into your account, so that your reps can start actively logging their field visits in the Repsly mobile app.



Connect Your Field RepsReps-green

If you haven’t already connected a mobile user through the Repsly mobile app, you should do so now. Your Repsly Trial will make much more sense if you have both a Back-Office (manager) user, and a mobile (Field Rep) user set up. Click here to learn how to add new reps to your account.

If you have multiple reps in the field, you’ll need to add each of them to your Representatives list so that your whole team can access and utilize the Repsly app. Click here to see how reps can download the app and login for the first time


Add Clients to RepslyNew_client-orange

In order for your reps to log their field visits, they’ll have to be able to tell you who it is they’re visiting. You’ll need to create a Clients list so your reps can enter data for each of their accounts. Click here to learn how to add individual clients to your account, or here for instructions on importing multiple clients at once.


Add Your ProductsProducts-blue

If your reps are taking purchase orders or completing retail audits in the field, you’ll need to provide them with a Products list that they can use to generate the orders and/or audits. Click here to see how to add individual products, or here for instructions on importing multiple products at once.


Create a FormForms-green

If there is specific data you want your reps to gather in the field, be it shelf performance, competitor details, promotion reports, or any other information you want to capture, you can design a custom form to manage and organize how that data is collected by the reps. Click here for an overview of how to create these forms.


Build an AuditPrice_scan-red

If your reps are performing retail audits in the field, you can customize those, too, managing what information will be included in the audits. Click here to learn how to create a new retail audit.


The steps outlined above cover the core features and functions of the software, but Repsly has many other capabilities as well, such as territory management, messaging, adding additional backoffice users, capturing electronic signatures, and creating tags to organize your clients, products, and photos. For more information on these and other features of Repsly, please check out our video support centerYou can also find more industry-specific support with these Product Briefs below:



If you would like a full run-through of our software from a Repsly Customer Success Manager, please click here to schedule an one-on-one web session.