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Repsly is transforming how brands get closer to their customers with our super easy-to-use mobile CRM, so what better way to celebrate our favorite local brands and tech companies than with our legendary Power Hour! Join us on-site in downtown Boston for an evening of networking, food and drink, plus an all-star panel discussion on the power of disruption. You won't want to miss it! 


Where: 77 Summer St., 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02110


When: 5:00-7:30PM, March 29, 2018



5:00 - Doors Open. Mingle and enjoy free food and drinks.


6:30 - Welcome & Panel Discussion. Hear from our VP of Marketing, Allen Bonde, on why Boston is a hot spot for innovative food, beverage and consumer companies, and learn what it takes to be a disrupter from our expert panel.

  • Branchfood - Lauren Abda, Founder
  • Drizly - Bryan Goodwin, SVP of Commercial Sales & Operations
  • Repsly - Marko Kovac, Co-Founder


7:00 - Networking. Stick around (or come by) to connect with brands and others in the community.


Why: Because it'll be amazing!  


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Hey, that sounds like fun!