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Landscaping Management Software

Delight your customers, empower your field team, and organize your entire business in one easy-to-use landscape management software solution.

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Deliver Incredible Customer Service With Proof of Service & Custom Forms

With Custom Forms, Your Landscapers Can Collect All the Info Your Business Needs

Create custom forms in the Repsly managers console with photo fields, text fields, multi-select boxes, and much more. Have your reps fill out and sign off on your forms while in the field, and keep a detaield record of all work completed.


Send Detailed Reports To Your Clients Directly From the Mobile App

Send completed forms to your clients immediately from the mobile app, along with all photos, signatures, and any other relevant information. Stop telling your customer what work you did for them, and start showing them.


See Exactly What Your Landscapers Are Seeing With Powerful Photo Functionality

With Repsly's photo capture and management software, all the work your landscapers perform in the field can be captured and saved forever. All photos are timestamped and Geo-Tagged, so managers can quickly check where and when their crew performed certain actions.

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Organize Your Entire Business With A Single Tool

Easily Sort & Filter Through All The Data Your Business Collects

Repsly's manager console makes it simple to filter your view by a specific form, client, or employee.  


Understand What's Working & What's Not With Beautiful Reporting

With an intuitive reporting tool that automatically creates charts and shows trends based on the data you collect, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your landscaping operation has never been easier.


Check Your Entire Crew's Schedule at a Glance

Repsly's powerful scheduling allows managers to assign landscapers to specific jobs and let's those landscapers see their entire schedule directly from their mobile devices.

With the schedule compliance report, you can quickly see who's been on-time to their job sites, and who's been missing appointments.

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Repsly has increased our efficiency tremendously. While it has saved us volumes of time and money, our sales has also gone through the roof because of it.

Joel Webb, Lifetime Commercial Roofing

Expand & Strengthen Your Customer Base With Mobile CRM

Find New Customers While Working In the Field

With the Repsly mobile app, landscapers can search for businesses near their current location and quickly add them to your client list, tagged as leads.


Organize Clients & Manage Your Sales Process

Repsly makes it easy to organize all your clients by their status. Manage your sales process by marking locations as leads, 'in-progress' jobs, completed jobs, or create your own client status.

Access any client's entire job history, along with contact information, photos, notes, and more from both the web and mobile app.


Keep Your Crew and Customers Neatly Organized With Territory Management

Create territories and assign both clients and landscapers to their respective areas. View reports on each territory, and easily see where there is opportunity to grow your business. Use Repsly's coverage report to see how effectively you're covering your customer base.


Maintain & Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

View any client's entire history, including photos, notes, contact information, and all previous jobs, from both the web and mobile app.

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Increase Team Productivity in Your Landscape Company

One of the challenges with managing a landscaping crew is that you are stuck in the office. You can’t be in the field making sure that your workers are completing the services well. Repsly has completely changed the way businesses manage their remote workers with our Landscape Management Software. Managers  can now see where their crew is and what they are doing on-site at all times.

  • Manage your team’s time and resources using Visit Scheduling features
  • Find out where your team is in the field using GPS Location Tracking
  • Use the real-time Reporting Tool to identify inefficiencies in your operations



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Landscape Management Software for
Great Customer Service 

As a manager or owner of a landscaping business, you know that your customers have many options when it comes to landscaping services. So how can you differentiate your company from others? Repsly’s landscape management software helps you deliver excellent customer service by increasing the quality of communication you have with your clients and providing you with greater transparency into your team’s activities in the field.

  • Email your customers “before” and “after” photos, invoices,and service details of lawns to your customers directly from your team's smart phones using the Repsly Landscape Management App
  • Guarantee that your landscaping crews never miss a visit and arrive on site in a timely basis with Visit Scheduling
  • Give your landscapers access to client history from the mobile phones so they can provide more knowledgeable and helpful service



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