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Optimize Retail Execution with Repsly

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Gain Real Time Intelligence and Store-Level Insights

Repsly provides you with easy to read reports on how your products and team members are performing in retail. Find out how it works!

Easy, On the Go Mobile Data Collection

Step 1 Build Forms in Repsly

Repsly allows managers to create custom forms using any combination of text, numeric values, Yes/No checklists, dropdowns, photos, signature fields, and more.

Retail execution forms

Step 2 Tag and Assign Forms in Repsly

Managers can also tag and assign forms to specific representatives and retail locations.

Mobile Forms Tags and Assign

Step 3 Complete Forms and Audits In the Mobile App

The Repsly Retail Execution App allows your field representatives collect and view data easily. They can also submit, share, and email forms and audits from the app.

Mobile Data Collection Retail
How Does it Work?

Let Repsly Provide You with Real Time Analytics

Step 4 Track Sales, Inventory, and More

Repsly is a one stop shop for managers to view analytics from forms, photos, audits, orders, visits data, time and mileage information, and more.

Retail Execution Platform

Step 5 Find Pre-Built Reports

Repsly automatically aggregates data collected in the field and creates easy to read charts and graphs to provide you with full visibility into your field activities.

Retail Reports

Step 6 Customize Your Reports

Customize your reporting dashboard based on what you want to see. You can also schedule reports to be delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly.

Reporting Dashboard Custom

With Repsly, you see everything that’s going on, you can create mobile forms, track purchase orders, track comments, everything you need for sales and merchandising.

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