Complete Guide to Landscape Business Forms

Landscaping Contract, Landscaping Estimate and Invoices, Maintenance Checklist, and More



Your Guide for Landcape Business Forms

One of the difficulties with managing a landscaping business is ensuring that your employees deliver quality service to your customers even in your absence. In order to systematically maintain quality of services, many landscapers implement lawn care inspection forms. Inspection forms not only helps out with monitoring the quality of services but also help businesses collect data to make more insightful, data-driven judgments.

In addition to inspection forms, this guide will also provide businesses with the basic infrastructure on how to create contracts as well as estimate forms to help you keep track of your data in a more efficient and systemized manner. This guide can be used for landscaping businesses of all sizes and types, including both residential or commercial industries.


Part 1: Landscaping Maintenance Checklist

- General Landscape Site Analysis Checklist & Fall Cleaning Checklist

Part 2: Landscaping Contract Forms

Part 3: Landscaping Estimate & Invoice

Part 4: Groundskeeper Attendance & Safety Form

Part 5: Landscaping Customer Satisfaction Survey

Landscaping Maintenance Checklist

Like all businesses in the services industry, providing your customers with reputable service is crucial to increasing your sales. Providing reputable service entails that you are making sure that your employees properly conduct all tasks and responsibilities according to expectations. This is why creating a maintenance checklist is so important - it allows you to inspect your employees work without having to leave your office. It also helps your employees conduct their jobs more easily with an ‘instruction manual’ in front of them. Better service ultimately leads to happier customers and more sales.

Each landscaping business has unique requirements. A lot depends on geography and seasonality. We will first discuss the general landscape site analysis checklist, which can be implemented as either a Pre-Service Inspection or a Post Service Inspection. Here is an example of a successful checklist.


Photo of the House from the Front


- Lawn is free of weeds (less than 25% is weeds)

- Lawn is doing well

- Photos

- Comments


- Bed is free of weeds (less than 25%)

- Edges are crisp in focal areas

- Mulch is more than 1.5 inches deep

- Photos


- Perennials looking good (less than 50% dead heads, do not need staking)

- Photos



- Shrubs looking good (no deadwood, not blocking windows, dead shrubs)

- Photos


- Trees looking good (no deadwood, branches touching house, overgrowth)

Decor Annuals

- Plantings looking good (full and healthy)


- Fixtures positioned correctly, hoses wrapped, gates closed and locked

- Pesticide flags not older than 48 hours

- Walkway free of weeds

- Driplines not visible in beds

- Gutters need to be cleaned


 landscape maintenance checklist


(Taken from Repsly Landscape Management Software)


For landscaping business that have seasonality, you would need a Fall and Spring Cleaning Checklist. Here is an example of a successful fall cleaning form:


Fall Clean Up Form

- Lawn mowed

- Windows Wells and Light Fixtures free from debris

- Perennials were cut back

- Annuals were removed

- Seasonal decor looked good

- Photos





Spring Clean Up Form

- Lawn is free from large debris (sticks, branches, etc.)

- Edges are smooth and crisp, using a power edger

- Cutbacks on Perennials, Orn grasses

- Shrubs are deheaded

- Broken Branches removed

- All weed Removed

- Overall Bed Condition - Debris and excess mulch removed, area smoothed

- Yard was dethatched without causing damage to lawn

- Photos




Some landscaping companies also offer snow removal services. Here is an outline of a form you can use.


Winter Snow Removal Form


- Plowed Driveway 

- Salted/Sanded Driveway

- Photo

- Comments


- Shoveled Walkway, Stair, Other Areas

- Photos

- Comments


(Taken from Repsly Landscape Management Software)



Landscaping Contract

Service contracts must detail terms of services as well as policies for liability issues, such as damages, cancellation policies, etc. Contracts also serve to set expectations for your customers to ensure that you don’t run into legal issues. With that said, this layout should not be considered as professional legal advice. It should be followed up with a legal contract with state and federal requirements.


  • Terms of Agreement
  • Permission to Enter Property
  • Right of Modification
  • Property Specs
  • Service Specs
  • Staff Working Hours
  • Rates/ Services Provided
  • Terms of Payment
  • Policies and Procedures detailing liability issues
  • Signature

(Taken from Repsly Landscape Management Software)

Landscaping Estimate and Invoice

Providing a service estimate is probably one of the first interactions you will have with your clients. To make a good first impression and establish trust from the beginning, provide your clients with a clear, easy to read service estimate that reflects a transparent pricing system. Help them reach a decision faster and easier with an estimate form that displays a complete breakdown of costs in a professional way.

Your estimate form will obviously depend on your unique pricing system. Here is an example of one way you can create an estimate form. For businesses using a digital landscape management form, you can easily turn an estimate form into an invoice and email it to your clients. 


(Taken from mobile form builder in Repsly Landscape Management Software)


Groundskeeper Team Attendance & Safety Form

If you are operating a larger scale landscaping business, you will have multiple groundskeepers working on the same site at the same time. In this case, assign your production supervisor to take attendance of your team and keep track of their hours and attendance. Additionally, protect the safety of your workers by incorporating OSHA safety standards into your everyday workflow. 

  • Name of Worker
  • Hours Worked
  • Leader On Site
  • Trucks Safely Secured?
  • Safety Cones Used?
  • Truck Parked as Instructed by Client?
  • Crew Actively Working?
  • Uniforms Worn?
  • Personal Protective Equipment Used?
  • Tools and Equipment Appropriately Placed?
  • Photos



(Taken from moble form builder in Repsly Landscape Management Software)

Landscaping Customer Satisfaction Survey

Receiving frequent feedback from customers allows managers to step back and view their client's needs and expectations from their perspectives. Conducting surveys also serve to provide you insight on how you can improve your business, service, and customer experience.

Keep track of your customer happiness to find out what is working or not working in your business and take action on it. 

  • How satisfied are you with our services?
  • How would you rate the punctuality of our staff?
  • How would you rate the friendliness of our staff?
  • How would you rate the professionalism of our staff?
  • How would you rate the quality of our landscaping services?
  • How would you rate the cost of our landscaping services?
  • What can we be doing better?
  • Signature


(Taken from moble form builder in Repsly Landscape Management Software)

Samples of Free Landscaping Forms

PDF Exports Taken from Repsly Landscape Management


 Landscaping Maintenance Checklist (General Landscape Site Analysis Checklist)


Fall Cleaning Checklist



Spring Cleaning Checklist


Snow Removal Checklist


Groundskeeper Attendance & Safety Form


Landscaping Customer Satisfaction Survey 

Provided to you by Repsly Landscape Management Software

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