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Field Marketing Certification

Executing The Perfect In-Store Demo

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One of the most effective ways for companies to get consumers excited about their products is to host free sampling events, or product demos. Giving shoppers a chance to taste your product for free for the first time is a great way to break the ice and get exposure for your brand in front of a new audience. 

In this class you'll learn what you should do before, during, and after an in-store demo or sampling event to make sure it's a success. 


Presenter: Kathryn Berta, Area Sales Manager at Health-Ade Kombucha

As the New England sales manager for Health-Ade Kombucha, Kathryn works with distributors and retailers to get Health-Ade in as many accounts as possible. Her role also includes coordinating in-store promotions and training brand ambassadors on best practices for product demos.

Product demos are important, especially to new brands. They help your product stand out and allows you to connect with your consumer and humanize your brand.


How should field marketing representatives set up and prepare for their demos?   


First thing you’re going to want to do is call the store. I’d call about two weeks before you'd like to run the event to give both sides time to plan.

Next, you’re going to want to connect with your sales team. They're the ones who will be responsible for making sure you have enough product on-site to support your demo. So be sure to tell then exactly when and where the event is taking place, as well as which SKUs you'll be sampling. 

Some of the things you may to prepare to bring with you are:

  • your brand kit
  • trash can
  • a hat
  • non-latex gloves.


What should happen on the day of the demo? 

On the day of the demo, make sure to call the retailer and confirm that your demo is still on. You want to plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early. Once you get to the store, I like to check in with customer service so that you can be connected with the proper department. Once you arrive to where the magic will happen, you’re going to set up your brand kit. Plus, make sure you know where the product is in-store so that you know where to send your consumers. 


How can field marketers make sure their events are successful? 


Here are four quick tips for being the best brand rep you can be.

  1. Get store employees to try your product. Remember, they’ll be the brand reps when you’re gone.
  2. Know your product. Your label is your best friend.
  3. Say your brand name, rather than the product type. For example, I like to say, “Would you like to try some Health-Ade today?”
  4. Follow store guidelines. Some stores are really strict on wearing non-latex gloves, wearing a hat, or having an allergy info card. Make sure you’re following the rules.


What steps should field marketers take after their events?


After the demo, first count how many samples you have. Next, make sure the product looks good on the shelf before you leave. Then, write down some memorable customer feedback. Both positive and negative will help the company. Lastly, send your manager a timely recap so it’s fresh in your memory.