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Field Marketing Certification

Who's Who in Field Marketing

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In this course, we dive into the roles and job titles that typically make up a field marketing team - including each team member’s primary goals and responsibilities. What’s the difference between a company’s street team and its brand ambassadors? Find out in this lesson! 

 What do field marketing managers do? 

Field marketing managers plan and set goals for events, and are responsible for making sure every field marketing campaign hits those goals.

Field marketing managers also decide how their brand image should be reflected out in the field.

On a day to day basis, field marketing managers work with their team to improve their efficiency and effectiveness at every event, and help them maximize their ROI.

Field marketing managers are also responsible for reporting on these initiatives to senior management.


What is a field marketing representative? 

Field marketing representatives are the ones hosting events and interacting with consumers out in the field. For the most part, field marketing reps are generalists - they may conduct product demos and retail audits, or sell products directly to customers at shows and events. Their primary goal is to drive brand awareness and make consumers excited about the brand and love its products.

To pull all of this of, field marketing reps are typically very outgoing and engaging, and their personal brand should mirror that of the company they represent.


What is the role of a brand ambassador? 

Brand ambassadors are people who are paid to promote, endorse, or otherwise represent a brand or product. Big companies often recruit celebrities to serve as the face of their brand and promote their products to their personal fans.

Most companies, however, don’t have that kind of cash. Instead, they identify and recruit their brand’s biggest fans through social media or at field marketing events. As brand ambassadors, they agree to promote the company on social media and within their circles of influence in exchange for free or discounted products.


What does a company's street team do? 

Street team reps are a brand’s vocal champions, both during official events and through their own social promotions efforts. During events and guerilla marketing campaigns, brands might tap their street team to serve as their “boots on the ground” - handing out fliers, stickers or products to crowds.  


While every company might call its team members something different, these are the core roles that make up most field marketing strategies.