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Field Marketing Certification

Introduction to Field Marketing

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In this introductry course, we take a high-level view of how field marketing fits into a company's overall brand strategy. We dive into the typical goals field marketing teams have, and the types of events they put on to achieve those goals.


Presenter: Mat Brogie, COO at Repsly

With 15 years of experience in the mobile technology sector, Mat has designed and implemented mobile retail execution solutions for some of the world’s largest CPG companies. In his role as COO at Repsly, Mat stays close to the latest Retail Execution and Field Team Management processes used by CPG companies large and small.  

What is field marketing? 

Field marketing refers to a brand’s effort to get their products in front of consumers in person, whether that’s at stores where the product is sold, at events, on college campuses, or simply out on the street. In these settings, field marketing teams have a chance to engage with buyers one-on-one.

Typical field marketing goals are to improve brand awareness, boost sales at targeted locations, and increase engagement at the local level.


How do field marketers interact with consumers? 

The most common way is to hold a product demonstration. For food and beverage brands, these usually take the form of giveaways, where field marketing reps offer free samples to shoppers out at the store.

Another type of field marketing campaign is direct selling, when brand reps are focused on making sales directly at the point of interaction.  Brands often pair direct sales campaigns with product demos, capitalizing on consumers’ interest after trying the product. Other field marketing events focused on direct sales include pop-up shops and promotional tables at events.


What are retail audits?

Retail audits tell brands if their marketing materials and signage are displayed properly where their products are sold. Often, field marketing teams will perform a retail audit as part of their store visit for a product demo or sampling event.