Inflexión es un compañía que se dedica a la búsqueda e implementación de herramientas y desarrollos tecnológicos enfocados al mejoramiento del rendimiento de equipos comerciales bajo la modalidad de Softwear as a Service - SaaS.

La modalidad de Softwear as a Service, obtener mejores ROI en sus procesos al igual que mantenerse a la vanguardia de los últimos desarrollos tecnológicos sin la necesidad de realizar grandes inversiones de capital.

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Identify problems and opportunities at accounts across your territory


Schedule appointments for your field team and track execution in real time


Measure team and rep performance against goals
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Execute campaigns efficiently with daily scheduling, routing, and tasks


Custom forms and audits for streamlined data collection in the field


Access real-time store-level data for smarter account management
Advanced Reporting Monitor



Get real-time visibility into retail operations across all territories


Quantify the impact of field activities on sales to optimize your team’s actions in the field


A flexible API integrates with your systems to inform decision making across departments

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