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Retail Coffee


  • Tracking sales, services, and distribution activities in real-time
  • Inreasing team collaborative efforts and data accuracy
  • Obtaining critical information about clients
  • Recording all job-related activites instantly
  • Collecting purchase orders


  • Simplified field operations entirely
  • Significantly enhanced communication between customers and employees
  • Accelerated operating speed
  • Immediate access to valuable data 

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Lavazza Case Study

See how Lavazza uses Repsly for their field team.


Lavazza Company is the world's largest producer of espresso coffee. The business has remained family owned for four generations after its foundation in 1895. Since then, the business has grown to employ more than 3,800 people in over 90 countries. In 2015, Lavazza coffee sales exceeded € 1.47 billion!

Galaplus Ltd. is official distributor of Lavazza coffee throughout Croatia. Galaplus holds a top spot in espresso coffee sales within the country and has a team of field representatives responsible for managing everything from sales to distribution.


Business Challenge:

All the tasks performed in the field are carried out by a team of specially trained mobile workers whose duties include:

  • supply clients with Lavazza products
  • introduce all of Lavazza's new products
  • deliver and install promotional materials to clients' selling locations
  • repair coffee machines
  • collect orders from clients
  • create photo repositories
  • compile information from the clients

This highly demanding job requires superb coordination between all team members and regular communication with the back office managers. Therefore, the precision of the data collected at the points of sale and an open flow of information are the top concerns for every individual involved in this field sales, service, and delivery process.

Because reps are responsible for documenting all of these activities on the go, using paper forms to collect data became far too time-consuming - both for the field team and its managers.

Galaplus needed field activity management solution that would allow for powerful, simple data collection for reps and real-time communication with managers.

How Repsly Addressed the Challenge:

Repsly was able to address all of these concerns, providing Galaplus with an all-encompassing software solution that made both employees’ and managers’ jobs easier. The solution contains a series of features that enabled mobile workers to automate tasks previously completed manually.

Using Repsly’s intuitive mobile application, Lavazza's mobile workers now have the ability to:

  • easily gather multiple types of orders
  • fill out custom forms (prepared by their managers for each task)
  • take photos of retail locations
  • correspond with their managers via instant messages
  • view company announcements on an interactive billboard
  • receive all the information in the palm of their hand

All data collected in the field is instantaneously sent to the server and associated with its specific GEO position, allowing managers to see in real-time where their reps are active.

This immediate insight empowered managers to see beyond the walls of their offices and to keep their fingers’ on the pulse of what’s going on in the field. They use instant messages and billboard announcements to collaborate with mobile employees, and have eliminated the need to make a call just to inform the field rep of some minor changes to the price list. All this has significantly decreased overall response time of the field team and increased Galaplus' field team productivity.


Benefits Realized with Repsly:

  • simplified field operations
  • empowered field reps with detailed customer data
  • improved communication between customers and employees
  • accelerated operating speed