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How Croatia's Oldest Winery Is Boosting Productivity and Sales in the Field

Repsly has helped Kutjevo transform their sales process. By facilitating quicker delivery and better communication with distributors, the brand improved productivity while simplifying their strategy. See how one of Europe's oldest active wineries updated its field management software and never looked back.

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Rooted in tradition, Kutjevo has been producing wines since 1232 from a Cistercian monastery's cellars. As one of the oldest wine cellars in south east Europe, the company is representative of Croatian culture and wines. They've won numerous awards and are known for their Grasevina white wine. 





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How Croatia's Oldest Winery Is Boosting Productivity and Sales in the Field

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Business Challenge

With almost 750 employees covering most parts of their overall business, Kutjevo wanted to improve communication among employees and provide every worker, whether in the office or in the field, with a fast and accurate data access.

In addition to hundreds of employees working in production and distribution, they have a large network of outsourced independent distributors covering various types of field work from cultivation of grapes in vineyards and monitoring of the grape's quality, to direct sales to clients and merchandising.

All these mobile workers spend a considerable part of their workday in the field so their requirement is to have a constant connection with the office, where the information they need to perform their tasks is always available. Their specific requirements were to have:

  • faster data access
  • updated and accurate data right on the spot
  • constant connection and support from their agents in the office 
  • ability to dispatch orders received from clients to distributors

In order to find the right solution that would satisfy these requirements and improve the quality of their work, Kutjevo decided to find and find a field activity management solution that would fit their needs best.


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How Repsly Addressed the Challenge

Kutjevo has found the Repsly solution to be most useful in the two very different segments of their field work:

  • at the vineyards - used by winegrowers
  • at clients locations - used by sales representatives and merchandisers

Sales representatives and merchandisers use Repsly to collect orders from clients and dispatch them directly to distributors which then deliver the products. Order dispatch functionality significantly speeds up overall delivery process and minimizes the need for office users to dispatch collected orders to the distributors in a separate step. Sales representatives are also using custom forms prepared by their managers to collect various data from clients' locations:

  • create price scans
  • perform store classification
  • customer surveys
  • collect users experience
  • access inventory data from their mobile devices
  • interact with back-office staff using text messages in real time.

Winegrowers, on the other hand, use the Repsly mobile application to:

  • fill out custom forms in their regular vineyard tour
  • keep record of materials and resources spent in every day work in vineyards
  • create photo repository of all work being performed
  • keep a record of every change that might appear on grapes

All events are captured with their GEO position so it also provides the abillty to monitor their field work. Besides collecting information on the work being done, agronomists use Repsly's instant messaging and billboards to interact with their colleagues in the office, share information with them and, consequently, spend less time on the phone or in the office.


Significantly speed up entire sales and distribution process and improved communication among all employees.

Field workers provided with direct access to inventory data from their mobile devices.

Back office managers are enabled to track field workers in real time and control the implementation of work tasks and usage of work supplies.

Orders are dispatched directly to the distributors and processed automatically.

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