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How Guru Energy Gets Better Insights at the Cooler

In a category dominated by big brands, Guru Energy supports its revolutionary product with a proactive and innovative approach to retail execution. With Repsly, the team brings sales, competitive intelligence, and compliance together in one app.

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Ever since the early days, GURU has always been driven by this idea of crafting the best natural energy drink out there. Founded in Montreal during the summer of 1999 by four college friends, the company marketed the world's first all-natural energy drink.

More than 15 years later, this vision is not only fulfilled but is also thriving and expanding worldwide. GURU has become the #1 Organic Energy Drink in Canada and the US in the Health Channel thanks to a strong network of distribution partnerships and a passionate sales team. 




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How Guru Energy Gets Better Insights at the Cooler

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Business Challenge

Guru Energy distributes its products across North America in the highly competitive and dynamic beverage space. In order to succeed as it has, the company must focus on execution at retail, and can’t rely on the retailers themselves to ensure that Guru is always in stock, positioned on the shelf and featured as it needs to be within the store.

Management must have fresh information at its fingertips at all times in order to operate as efficiently as possible, and react intelligently to new pressures from the field; they need to know about product distribution, competitive activity, replenishment orders and new customer opportunities, but they can’t get bogged down with complex systems and processes.

Guru’s team of market representatives makes recurring visits to all of its retail distribution points to see first-hand how the product is performing in various retail scenarios, and to impact the product’s presence in retail as effectively as possible. Reps are responsible for:

  • Taking replenishment orders
  • Ensuring trade compliance in retail
  • Gathering and reporting competitive activity
  • Identifying distribution issues
  • Opening new accounts
  • Managing product returns


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How Repsly Addressed the Challenge

Repsly addresses all of these field activity management needs for Guru by providing a direct and real-time connection between every field rep and managers in the office. Repsly’s highly flexible electronic forms module enables Guru to create forms that guide reps through the collection and reporting of data that is specific to their business, and enables Guru to make informed decisions ‘in the moment.’

Repsly’s geo-tagging capability embellishes all data collected with time and location details, which informs market coverage and gives managers the information they need to optimize the organization of the field team.

Using the Repsly's mobile application on their smartphones, Guru's field team now has the ability to:

  • generate and transmit replenishment orders
  • instantly report observations about competitive activity
  • identify and communicate about distribution issues
  • document trade compliance issues
  • confirm retail execution activities within the normal workflow
  • communicate with managers with the text messages tied to specific field events
  • access and update customer details
  • track, manage and optimize the details of every transaction in the field

Guru’s field reps use Repsly to stay in touch with management, report issues that they discover in real-time, document and confirm all aspects of retail execution, and efficiently gather and process replenishment orders. All of these activities are permanently logged in Repsly’s cloud infrastructure, and management has the tools to communicate with reps, analyze data from the field, audit activities and optimize field operations.


Entirely streamlined field operations with real-time connection between reps and managers

Significantly improved communication among customers and employees.

Increased operating speed in the palm of field reps' hands

Collected data is instantly accessible and usable through smartphones and tablets

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