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Engineering Manager

About Repsly

Repsly, Inc. is a B2B software as a service (SaaS) company focused on providing a leading retail execution platform. Our team is global with customers in 80+ countries around the world. Our headquarters are in Zagreb (Croatia) & Boston (USA), with partners worldwide. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to combine your skills, passion, and positive energy to play a meaningful part in the growth of a world-class global SaaS company, then join our team.

Our stack: Our server-side started off with monolithic MVC and REST, built on the Microsoft stack. We’re moving to event-driven, dockerized, elastic microservice architecture. We're using SQL Server, MongoDB,  Elasticsearch, Firebase and other 3rd party products. Our system is 24/7 heavily used with a lot of performance and workload isolation challenges.

At Repsly we strongly value ownership and engagement. Scrum is used to better organize and improve our processes, with OKRs to align on the company level.


Job Description

As an engineering manager you will manage one of our cross-functional R&D teams as they develop and deliver great products to our customers. You will shape and organize the team for success in terms of product quality, technical excellence and rigorous execution/delivery. 

You will communicate company goals and deadlines to the team. You will inspire and motivate team members to maximum engagement and assess their performance.  

You will set high standards for your team, provide whatever they need to achieve them and hold them accountable for doing so.

Your success in this role is measured by

  • Your ability to form and motivate a highly-functioning team with your staff
  • Your team’s ability to predictably plan and deliver on its commitments
  • The measurable quality of your team’s process
  • The measurable quality of your team’s product deliverables



Team Leadership

  • Define and communicate goals for your team and team members
  • Facilitate the planning and execution process, ensuring excellent results
  • Understand the big picture of what your team is doing and why
  • Inspire and motivate your team towards maximum engagement and output
  • Communicate with stakeholders regularly and proactively
  • Build relationship and give feedback through regular 1:1 meetings with team members
  • Help team members achieve their goals through coaching, performance evaluation and career development planning

Technical Leadership

  • Ensure the most appropriate technology, workflow, coding standards and tools for your team
  • Ensure team efficiency and constant improvement measured by established key metrics
  • Make sure team works according to an agreed definition of done
  • Responsible for regular code review process
  • Ensure the overall output quality of the team according to established key metrics
  • Actively prevent and manage technical debt
  • Collaborate with the chief architect on building and prioritizing Technology roadmap, implementing engineering standards and overall alignment with the architecture vision


Required skills and experience

  • You are an experienced engineering manager: you have a track record of managing teams through multiple releases of at least moderately complex SaaS products
  • You are technical: you have a strong technical background in software engineering with 5+ years of recent hands-on experience in a rigorous product-driven environment running at startup pace
  • You are smart and usually right: you have strong judgment and good instincts. You seek diverse perspectives and work to disconfirm your beliefs
  • You are pragmatic: you are skilled/experienced in leading hard technical decisions; carefully balancing between ideal solutions and time-to-market
  • You are a planner: you have an intuitive/superior ability to breakdown work, estimate efforts and set up an iterative timeline for release
  • You are a culture leader: creating collaboration and teamwork that fosters open communication
  • You insist on continuous improvement of processes and technology and have a heavy bias for automation and repeatability over manual ad-hoc efforts
  • You have a network and know how to use it: you have worked with many A-players and actively maintain connections with them.  They respect you and would readily work with/for you
  • Experience with Agile development frameworks including Scrum
  • Excellent communication skills. Ability to communicate the business goals to the team as well as release plans, impediments and teams’ needs to the stakeholders
  • Fluent in English


We are offering

  • Growth opportunities and professional development
  • An opportunity to work on a globally used enterprise-grade software product
  • Occasional visits to our Boston office
  • Choose your location, work remote or in the office
  • Work in a (pet) friendly working atmosphere
  • Company events and team buildings
  • Informal social events and sports groups
  • A culture that is not afraid to try, fail and learn from mistakes

Application process

To apply, send an email with a cover letter and resume to