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What Technicians Need in a Roofing Software

Companies that utilize a
roofing software gain a leg up on the competition. On the one hand, managers in the back office benefit because they are granted real-time visibility into remote operations and are able to make informed business decisions based on data collected by roofing technicians in the field. On the other hand, technicians themselves have a means to stay organized and reduce inefficiencies through electronic data capture. Below we discuss two critical features which are advantageous for technicians that business owners should keep in mind when choosing roofing software.

Customizable Roofing Forms

Your roofing company depends on its technicians to be managers’ “eyes and ears” in the field and gather crucial information from jobsites. Whether it be through a roof inspection report, roof certification form, or roofing estimate form, technicians spend a good portion of their day documenting relevant details from jobsites to share with managers and customers. It’s vital that these reports are created and filled out accurately and consistently. Using a digital format reduces the risk of human error or physical damage associated with pen and paper.

Perhaps the most important aspect of roof forms for your business is that they be customizable. You don’t use a “one-size-fits-all” paper form to record information or present to clients, so why would you do so with a mobile form? By using a roofing management software with custom forms, managers can ensure that the right information is being tracked at the right client, thus preventing confusion down the road. Moreover, technicians will never accidentally forget to take stock of key data if it’s spelled out clearly for them in a mobile application on their smartphones. Certain roofing contractor software are equipped with the ability for managers to assign some fields as “mandatory” so that the form cannot be submitted until those fields are completed. Again, this type of functionality prevents problems from ever ocurring in the first place.

When creating forms, managers should have the ability choose from a variety of field inputs such as text, numerical figures, attachments, e-signature capture, and more. Using customized forms allows technicians’ work to be more focused and their goals more concrete. Customer service is also enhanced, as a customized experience for roofing software users equates to a more tailored and personalized experience for their clients.

roofing software


Another primary area of consideration when selecting a roofing software solution is its user interface. Usability is a quality attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use. When businesses encounter poor usability in software, their employees grow frustrated and avoid using the system altogether. Forcing reluctant technicians into using systems that their employers put in place will cause engagement levels to take a hit, thus resulting in poor job performance and lowered productivity. Although it might not seem like the most important software feature, usability is actually imperative to evaluate.

The best roofing management software have user interface that is based on social media paradigms. By imitating the interfaces of popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, the software becomes easier for the user to learn and adopt. If a software system is so complex that it takes technicians weeks to utilize it properly, it’s probably not worth purchasing in the first place.

Roofing contractor software enhances efficiency across the board for both business leaders and field technicians. With the wide range of software options available on the market today, it’s necessary to assess which features will bring the greatest return on investment to your company. Being conscious of technicians’ everyday interaction with the software when shopping around will help you make the best choice for your business.


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