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3 Reasons Why You  Should Be Using Concrete Construction Software

Construction businesses of all sorts were affected by the most recent economic recession, including companies in the concrete industry. However, things are looking up, as Dodge Data & Analytics’ 2016 Construction Outlook report predicted 6% growth in the construction industry this year. It is crucial that your concrete company is able to capitalize on these favorable market conditions by employing the most effective project management tools available. This blog post will uncover why your business should be using a concrete construction software.

Promote Workplace Safety

One major area of concern for concrete contractors is workplace safety. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), over 10% of the 250,000 individuals employed by the concrete industry have experienced a work-related injury or death. While certain factors lie outside of a business owner’s control, there are many aspects of workplace safety that can be mitigated. For example, concrete construction software enables managers to send safety reminders to contractors out in the field via an instant message or virtual billboard announcement. Such messages could include reminders to properly guard machines or to avoid heat stress when cleaning truck mixer drums.

Utilizing mobile forms is another way that project managers can promote safety in the workplace. Concrete construction software lets managers design custom forms that require certain fields to be completed prior to leaving a job site. Managers can include questions about how equipment is unloaded and secured, how trucks are parked, and the clean-up process in their mobile forms. Doing so provides peace of mind that contractors are taking care of their due diligence and not putting themselves or others at risk.

Differentiate Your Company from the Competition

Competition is inevitable in any line of work, and the concrete industry is no exception. Business owners can take advantage of concrete construction software to stand out amongst competitors in a number of ways when vying for projects. One benefit that concrete construction software offers is GPS location tracking, which allows project managers to monitor where their employees are at any given point throughout the day. This functionality encourages accountability because contractors will know that managers can view their whereabouts at any time, and therefore are more likely to be productive during work hours. Having visibility of employees’ geographic location also enables managers to devise the most efficient routes jobsites, saving time and money on fuel costs.

Having immediate access to key customer data empowers contractors to deliver exceptional service to repeat clients. Knowing clients’ preferences or special requests based on notes from past visits gives contractors the ability to delight their customers by going above and beyond expectations. If contractors are using a software equipped with photo capture, they can even send “before” and “after” photos to customers as proof of service.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Concrete Construction Software

Eliminate Paperwork

Concrete contractors are most engaged when they are performing repairs, casting, or working with cement in some other way. In contrast, they become disengaged when they are forced to fill out paperwork and do other administrative tasks. Using paper forms in the field is both inefficient and wasteful. It takes significantly longer to write out documents by hand than it does to tap a couple buttons on a mobile application. What’s more, physical forms can get lost or damaged on the job. Paper forms also bring unwarrented material and storage costs and are susceptible to human error. Using mobile forms ensures that contractors will capture the necessary data in the field, thus preventing headaches for managers down the road. As mentioned above, if managers create forms that require certain fields to be filled out, contractors will always collect essential information before leaving a job site.

The concrete industry presents numerous challenges for business owners, including safety concerns, competition, and overhead costs. Luckily, concrete construction software eradicates problems associated with workforce management. Moreover, this type of solution is affordable and can be implemented immediately with little to no training.

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