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The Road to Retail Excellence: A Sneak Peek into Peter Hall’s Session at the Retail Execution Roundtable

While there are numerous draws to attend this Spring’s Retail Execution Roundtable, none may be bigger than the President of Kraft Heinz Ingredients and U.S Away from Home, Peter Hall, who will be delivering a powerful session on the road to retail excellence in Chicago on May 17th, and New York City on May 24th. Hall will cover Kraft Heinz’s iterations and approaches to executing at retail, with a focus on test and learn approaches, bringing visibility into the organization, and proving out the true impact of a field team.


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Kraft Heinz’s Road to Retail Excellence

Peter Hall’s session will dive into the challenges facing Kraft Heinz and the entire retail industry in how businesses and teams execute in the field today. Hall challenges teams to continue to evolve the way they work and think about fieldwork, and to be better at executing plans by getting their data to work harder for them.

Hall walks you through his vision and how it’s also evolved over the years from thinking in the early days, “How do I get the most out of my team?” to its current iteration and focus, “How do I understand how to narrow the bandwidth of results between field reps?” Hall believes understanding and attacking that issue is the edge that will deliver a much stronger return on investment for any team, and drive overall sales growth. By making the investment more predictable and stable, it enables business owners to make truly informed decisions on their budgets year in and year out, and their growth goals.

Hall’s session will cover how Kraft Heinz’s partnership with Repsly in Canada has helped execute his vision by leveraging the data they have gathered to give him a clear ROI every single day. “It brings clarity to the data,” said Hall at the Santa Monica Retail Execution Roundtable. “It brings clarity to performance and it enables us to manage the performance of the team because we’re now constantly tracking and measuring those KPIs.”



About Peter Hall

Peter Hall has been with Kraft Heinz for the past 7 and a half years and currently serves as the President of U.S Away from Home and Kraft Heinz Ingredients corp. Hall has a proven track record of developing high-performing teams, expanding brand reach, and delivery of top and bottom-line growth through improving customer relationships and organizational alignment around strategy and execution. While at Kraft Heinz, Hall has also been SVP of Sales and Foodservice Canada, and UK Sales Director.


About the Retail Execution Roundtable

The one-day event aims to bring together CPG leaders and retail experts from all over North America, featuring some of the industry’s brightest minds with leaders from Kraft Heinz, SPAR, UpClear, and Repsly showcasing how they’re working to change the game for retail execution.

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The free one-day event, roundtable-style, brings together a core group of CG leaders and Retail experts to learn and discuss together the best practices and practical advice to attack today’s challenges in Promotions and In-Store strategies. Expect to network with 30-40 of your peers across various key functions attached to execution, including revenue management, trade promotions, marketing, sales, and merchandising.

You can learn more about the event and register yourself here, or if you’d like to reach out to us for more info you can contact our events team at Attendance for this event is free but also limited to ensure this intimate event creates a great learning and discussion environment for all. Register today as seats are actively filling up.

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