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Repsly is happy to introduce the beta edition of our 3rd Party Access feature. 


Back Office-Managers can now provide limited 3rd Party Access to some of the data their reps gather in the field. To access the function, check the settings menu under the back-office gear icon.


It's simple to add new users and choose what forms and information the users will have access to. That user wll be given a unique URL to visit, and a password of your choosing in order for them to log in. 


Once logged in, users will be able to see data for a given period, and sort and filter that data as they wish. 3rd Party Users can even filter by individual clients--viewing only that information which pertains to the chosen customer. Once the user has the information they want, they will have the option to export it in an excel or CSV format, along with all of the detailed information available in the user portal.

Consider using the Third Party Access feature to share information with:


Business Partners
Other Departments Within Your Organization
Brands You Represent
Anyone Else Who Might Benefit From Access


The 3rd Party Access feature is free while in it's beta version, so try it out today!  


Additionally, Check out some other features of Repsly including, Order ManagementTeam Management, and Data Management.


Our Free trial lasts for 14 days, so experience the difference today and sign up on the right!




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